Automatically Post Birthday Wishes On your Friends Facebook Wall

Facebook is a great way to Connect with friends as many people say, and the best thing facebook did when it comes to birthdays is it completley changed the way we wish our friends. Sending Birthday Wishes To Our Facebook Friends on their Birthday through FB Timeline is the Trend now rather than Texting him unless he/her is a close friend.

post birthday wishes automatically on FB post pic

Though it’s a very simple thing to send wishes with a smart phone in everyone’s pocket, there are chances We may miss or forget to wish your friends. Things become awkward especiallly when we forgot to wish a person who is very special to us or We being special to them.

Thanks to the website: This Website allows us to schedule wishes to our FB friends, so that it will automatically post wishes from your profile on our Friends Timeline on their Birthday. And it looks just like you did it. No one can find out that they are automated wishes. It’s cool isn’t it.

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How To Automatically Post Birthday Wishes On Friends Facebook Timeline:

Step 1: Goto & Connect With Your Facebook Account.

Birthday FB website login with your facebook account

Step 2: Allow the Permission.

Step 3: Click on the write Message option next to your Facebook Friends Details to compose your Message.

Compose automatic wishes write message

Step 4: From the available options choose one or select “–canned messages–” to compose a custom message.

compose custom messages using canned option

Step 5: Save the message. and that’s it You’ve scheduled your wishes to that particular person’s birthday.

scheduled and not scheduled categories

Once you scheduled , There will be two categories, Scheduled and Non Scheduled which will help us to understand to whom we scheduled the messages an
d to whom not.

That’s It. Now BirthdayFB will post wishes on your behalf on Your Friend’s FB Timeline On His/Her Birthday.

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