How To Block Game Requests,Notifications On Facebook 2015 (Updated)

Facebook Game requests and Notifications became more annoying these days. Every day more and more requests are coming in from friends and i’ve seen a couple o my friends posting their FB status as, “Please don’t send Candy Crush Requests”.Funny isn’t it. So i thought of writing this article on “How To Block Game Requests in Facebook”.

Block Game Requests on Facebook Techisher 2015

STEP 1: Login To Facebook and Goto Game Activity Page, There you will find the requests.

STEP 2: From the Requests, Choose which app you want to block. In our case here, I want to block candy crush. So click on the “X”.Block-Game-Requests-on-facebook-Android-IOS-Ipad-Candry-Crush-FarmVille

STEP 3: Now it will give you 2 options with a yellow box.

  • Block Candy Crush Saga (in your case, the name of the app that you are trying to block will appear)
  • Ignore all requests from (your friend’s name)
  • Block Candy Crush Saga or Ignore all requests from



Click on the First Option “Block Candy Crush Saga” and “confirm” your choice to Block all further requests from Candy Crush.
Click on the second Option “Ignore all requests from” and “Confirm” your choice to Block all further requests from that particular person.

Note: There is no Single way to Block Game Requests From All the Games in Facebook. You have to do this process Individually for Each Game.

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