Youtube Keyboard Shortcuts, Tips, Tricks & Secrets (Updated 2015)

We all use YouTube a lot, for various reasons like entertainment, knowledge purpose.(including ‘that’ too). With the help of few tips,tricks and resources we can increase the productivity. Just by knowing a couple of Youtube keyboard shortcuts, Youtube Url tricks (to download, auto replay etc) and with some other tricks we can get more control […]

Google Keep Received Android 5.0 Lollipop New Material Design Update

After the Major apps like Gmail , Maps and Calender received their Major Updates in the form of Android 5.0 Lollipop’s Material Design, It’s now Google Keep’s Turn to Receive the Material Design Update. Google started Rolling out the material design update for it’s Reminders & Notes Taking Application Google KEEP 3.0.1  since Yesterday (13 […]

Google’s Android 5.0 Apps With New Lollipop Material Design Update

Ever since the Official announcement of NEXUS 6 Google Started pushing the Lollipop’s Material Design Updates for it’s Android apps one by one. Many Users thought that they have to wait for Lollipop to rollout inorder to get their hands on the material design apps. If you are one among them, You are “WRONG”. Major […]

Google Drops Hint About Upcoming Android Version as 5.0 | Techisher

In its Recent tweet, related to WorldCup Scores on IOS, Google gave a big hint about it’s upcoming Latest Android Version. (Though it’s Not about the Name, whether it’s Limepie or Laddu or Lollipop). Get the latest #WorldCup match scores and schedules with Google Now on iOS and @Android — Google (@google) June 11, […]