Download Youtube Videos of Any Resolution From online without any software for free

Download Youtube Videos of High Resolution Directly to PC Techisher Post pic

YouTube has the largest collect of Online videos and We all Know there are a lot of extensions, Apps and softwares are available to download those Videos From YouTube Directly to our PC. So You May Wonder what’s new in this. So I’d like to point out 2 situations where this tutorial is Very Very Useful. […]

Use Microsoft office For Free Legally On Linux/Mac/Windows Pc/Laptop

use microsoft office for free legally post pic

Microsoft Office is Undoubtedly the Best among all other office softwares availble right now. In case if you don’t know, it’s the first of it’s kind. Later the open source softwares for Office work,which are alternates to microsoft office, came into existense and Mac’s iWork is released in 2005. Though there are Alternatives to Microsoft […]

Use android Apps,games on Windows PC/Laptop Using Bluestacks Software for Free

Use android apps on pc post pic

With 1 billion users Google’s Android Operating system holds the highest market share. It has the largest app store than any other existing OS. Requirements of Users Changes from Time to time and now most of the android users want to use their favourite android apps and games on PCs and laptops. Now it’s possible, […]

Download android apk from playstore directly to PC for free

download android apk apps games play store directly pc free techisher

Google Play Store is the largest app store for android powered smartphones, tablets, TV and wearables. A lot of productive, entertainment apps and exciting games are available in Playstore. Lets say you want to download an android application or an android game on to your device, but unable to install it , may be because […]

How To Delete Google Plus Profile and Youtube channel Permanently?

delete google plus profile youtube channel post pic

Google Plus is one among the major Social networking sites at present. Though when compared with facebook it has it’s cons. Still Google Plus has it’s own advantages Like integration with gmail contacts, communities etc. No matter how good a social networking site may be, even facebook , there will always be users who want […]

How to Play More than One video/Music File (Multiple Instances) in VLC at a time

play more than one video in vlc at one time

VLC Media Player is one of the Most Used and Popular open Source Video Player. There are a lot of features available in VLC Player Including Playing Multiple Instances, Screen Recorder and lot more. I’ve seen a lot of intelligent people (obviously my Friends) who installed different video players (like GOM, K-player) along with VLC , […]