How To Receive Birthday Wishes From Narendra modi

Receive Birthday Wishes From Narendra Modi: Modi, One of the most powerful leaders of the modern world. He is the person who doesn’t need any introduction. Imagine how it feels to receive birthday wishes from Modi himself on your birthday? Amazing? Inspiring? Happy? I was completely surprised when I received an email stating it’s from […]

Best Wifi Names 2017 / Funny WiFi Names

Funny / Cool / Best Wifi Names 2017 : Wi-Fi has became one among the basic human needs. Creative people among us came up with funny, good, dirty and Cool wi-fi names for their personal/ home wireless Network SSIDs.  Our wireless network names is what our neighbors and strangers can discover on their devices. Those […]

How To Delete Kik Account / Deactivate Kik Account Permanently

How To Delete Kik / Deactivate Kik Permanently: Kik Messenger is one of the top messaging apps available on android and IOS platforms. Before saying anything else about How to Delete Kik Account, I have to mention one important point about this. If you’re already a kik user, Then you’ll surely know about this. But […]

Book Online Tatkal Train Tickets Quickly in IRCTC Site

Book Tatkal Tickets Quickly : IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) is known for changing the face of railway ticket booking and reservations system in India. It is the first to introduce Online railway ticket booking service in India. Of-course Until a few months back irctc is notoriously slow and with frequent timeouts it always made […]

Youtube Keyboard Shortcuts, Tips, Tricks & Secrets (Updated 2015)

We all use YouTube a lot, for various reasons like entertainment, knowledge purpose.(including ‘that’ too). With the help of few tips,tricks and resources we can increase the productivity. Just by knowing a couple of Youtube keyboard shortcuts, Youtube Url tricks (to download, auto replay etc) and with some other tricks we can get more control […]