What are Cold and Warm Startup Times of a web browser

Cold and Warm Startup Times of a web browser : Startup time is the time taken by a browser to start itself and become ready for User to work on it. Startup time is one of the major performance considerations and Typically startup times are of two types: Cold Startup & Warm Startup

Cold and Warm Startup Times of a web browser
Cold and Warm Startup Times of a web browser

Cold start up occurs when we start the application first time after a system reboot or when we start an application, close it, and we again start it after a long time.

Warm Start-up occurs when we start the application for the second time (subsequent Startups). When we first start the application after a system restart – cold startup occurs , we close it and when we start it again(within a few minutes) Then warm startup occurs. If the application is started after a long gap then again Cold startup occurs.

Warm startup usually takes very less time when compared to Cold startup time.

Cold and Warm Startup Times of web browsers :

Cold Startup
Warm Startup
Internet Explorer 11
Internet Explorer 10
Google Chrome 30
Mozilla Firefox 28




Undoubtedly Internet Explorer is the Leader in the area ever since the new versions of IE(v10 and v11) were released. Though Google Chrome has it’s advantage in Cold startup (startup after reboot). Where as the Famous open source browser Mozilla firefox may be far behind the race in this area, But it has greatly improved itself in the area of memory usage. When compared with google chrome Firefox’s memory usage is comparably less and it takes just 50% of what is used by google chrome.

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Update: With Edge browser now being available as a default web browser on windows 10 the stats have slightly changed and Edge browser became the fastest browser on Windows 10 with it’s little Warm startup and cold start up times. After all Windows 10 is it’s arena and it has been programmed to work well with window 10. So as of now Edge is the best browser available for windows 10 when it comes to minimum Start up times (both Cold and Warm).

I’m not announcing any winner in this consideration because every web browser has it’s own advantage in different areas. Like Firefox in memory usage, IE in Cold Startup Time, Chrome in Warm startup time. And other features like syncing, extensions, Download manager, Graphics performance also effects the ranking. Mostly each one of us has different priorities.  So, Ultimately It’s the user who has to rank the web browser depending on his priorities.

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