Download All Photos In A Facebook Album In A Single Click

Facebook is not only a great platform to be in touch with our loved friends & family and To share our views, but it is also a great platform to share photos. A Image is worth 1000 words. Storing your personal pics and sharing them with friends is one of the most popular feature of Facebook. Any one can upload photos in Facebook with ease, and downloading image by image from FB is also Very Easy.Download all images in a facebook album in one click

But The real issue arises when we want to download all the photos in a facebook photo album or all the photos you were tagged in, especially when there are Hundred’s of pictures in album. To do things like these with ease, we need to set up some things first. Here i’m going to discuss some ways i know, to download all facebook photos of a album(or all the photos you are tagged-in) in a simple way.

There are a couple of Desktop softwares Like facebook photo album downloader and Fb picture downloader are available in the internet, but i feel browser extensions are a better choice. Anyways i will mention the other apps/ extensions / softwares at the end of the post with their links.

Stepwise Procedure to download all the images in a FB album:

Step 1: Install the FB album Mod Extension from Chrome Web Store.

Step 2: Now Login to Your Facebook Account and Go To the Album You Want to Download (it can be your’s or your friend’s to which you have access)

Step 3: Notice that there is an icon of FB Album Mod in Right side end of the Web Browser URL. Click on the icon and this will show you a set of options. Click on the appropriate options according to your need. When you are finished with your preferences 😛 click on the button “NORMAL”.

Step 4: This will open a new tab in the browser, with all the images loaded in it. If there are Hundred’s of images, it might take a few seconds.. You have Scroll down to the bottom of the webpage just to ensure that all the images are loaded properly. This sounds like a long procedure, but it won’t take more than a minute if you have a good internet speed.

Step 5: Now simply click Ctrl+S to save the page.. surprised??? Yes.. you are saving the whole page.. Do it.

Step 6: Navigate to the File downloaded location on your file explorer. Along with the downloaded html page, You’ll find a folder that has all the images of the Facebook album you saw in this html page. All the photos are of full resolution. Copy them in to another folder and Delete the .html file.
Note: do not delete the .html file without copying the images to another folder. It will delete folder and it’s contents along with the html file.

Other Available apps/softwares/extensions to download all the FB images in a album:

Web Browser Extension:

PhotoLive : This extension is available for all the major web browsers like chrome, firefox, safari, opera and Internet Explorer too. Download this extension from it’s official website.

Desktop softwares to download All Facebook photos in a Album:


Please leave a comment and let me know if you’ve tried this method.

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      • Anand Kumar says

        Great Trick…………..

        Also would it be possible that can we download all videos as well from our timeline.

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