Enable Right to Left Direction Layout (RTL) for left handed android users

By default android has the left-to-right layout, as most of the users are right handed. But it’s certain that there are some users who prefers to have RIGHT-TO-LEFT Layout (RTL) on their android smartphones and Tablet devices.
Android features the ability to change the layout from it’s default left-to-right layout to Right-To-Left. But most of the users don’t know it, because it’s more like a secret hidden feature. Inorder to Enable this You need to enable the developer mode in your android device. Here’s the step by step procedure to enable RTL layout.

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Enable android right to left layout techisher post pic

Step By Step Procedure to Enable Right-To-Left Layout in Android:

Step 1: First we need to enable the developer mode. For that , In your Android Device, Smartphone or Tablet, Goto Settings > About Phone. (if you’ve already enabled developer mode, you can skip to step 4)

Step 2: Scroll down to See “Build Number”. (It”ll be at the bottom of the page-Last option in ‘about phone’ in most devices. )

Step 3: Now Tap On “build Number” option for 7 successive times to enable the “Developer Mode”. (You’ll see a notication called “You are a developer now”)

Step 4: Now Tap on the Back button, goto main page of settings.

Step 5: Right at the bottom of the screen, above “About Phone” , You’ll see “developer Options”. Tap on it.

Enable android right to left layout techisher Developer options

Step 6: Now in the developers page, Scroll down Slowly and You’ll see “Force RTL Layout Direction” option under Drawing Category.

Step 7: Enable it By clicking on the Box next to it.

Enable android right to left layout techisher check mark

See that the layout has been changed completely from Right To Left (as shown in the picture below)

Enable android right to left layout techisher full overview

Do leave a comment and let me know if you’ve tried this method.

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  1. Ferhat Demir says

    One of my stupid students activated Force RTL layout direction but I can’t take it back because i can’t see the option at developer options. It is not just left to right and also text is flipped to other direction as well like mirrored. Factory reset doesn’t work. How can I solve this issue?

    • says

      Hello Ferhat,
      Which version of Android are you using?
      Are you able to see “developer options”? if so then in that scroll down and under the ‘DRAWING’ section, you’ll Force RTL layout option. Just uncheck it.

      If you are not able to see the developer options , goto Settings>about Phone> Click on Device information > Tap on the “BUILD NUMBER” continously and you’ll get “Developer Options” in Settings.

      I Hope this helps