Find IMEI Number of Lost / Stolen Android Phone Using Google Dashboard

Retrieve IMEI Number Using Google Dashboard: In the past couple of years, Mobile has become Something more in our daily life than just a communication device. With the rise of market for Smartphones, Major companies Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi are targeting India and China to become the Leader in the World’s Smartphone Market. Not to Forget, with the rise of smartphones market and demand, the theft, Lost and Missing cases of mobile phones, smartphones are also increasing every other day.

Find IMEI of Lost android Mobile Using Google Dashboard

There are a lot of Options and features made available in Smartphones and integrated with the Core Mobile Operating systems in both IOS And Android with every update, to find the lost Smartphone. But Still finding a lost mobile is Mission Impossible in INDIA as all those features and services depends mostly on Internet, Data Connection.

But To take those chances of finding it, we need the most important data of our Mobile Phone, which is it’s IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) number. As you might already know, every mobile has it’s own unique IMEI number. This number is used by GSM networks to Identify the valid devices and therefore this can used to blacklist a stolen mobile phone from using the mobile network, in some cases all other networks too.

what exactly are we talking about?

If a mobile is stolen then the owner of that mobile can call his/her network provider and instruct them to “BlackList” their mobile using it’s IMEI Number. This makes the phone useless on that network and sometimes it can’t even work on other networks too even if the SIM Card is changed.

From Where We Can Retrieve the IMEI Number?

If You have the mobile with you, then you can find the IMEI Number

  • on the Backside of your Mobile Battery
  • By entering *#06# on your Dial-pad.
  • IMEI number Will be Noted on your Mobile Purchase Bill
  • IMEI number is Printed on the Mobile BOX

How To Retrieve IMEI of a Lost Android Mobile from Google Dashboard ?

In order to use the android mobile to it’s full potential, you need to Sign in to your android mobile with your gmail account. This enables you to sync your mobile data with your Google account, which acts like a backup of your contacts , settings, app data and Information regarding your mobile phone.

  1. Visit
  2. Login to your Google Account
  3. Scroll down to for “Android” section and Click on it.
  4. This will give you drop down Section which gives the IMEI, Model number, Manufacturer, Network Carrier information, and Also the App Backup Information of all your android devices used with this particular GMail Account.

Find IMEI Number of Lost Android Mobile From Google Dashboard Techisher

This is how you can retrieve your IMEI number of your Lost android mobile from your google dashboard using your gmail id.

For Android Users, I suggest them to activate the Device manager Option in their android mobiles which helps us to track the mobile with it’s exact coordinates on Google Maps using Google Account.

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  1. says

    i searched a lot in google for finding the imei of my stolen android phone. I just need IMEI number of that phone. That’s it. But All that i got is some results saying hacking etc etc.. Then i got this in my mind like if there is any chance of retrieving it using my gmail account since it’s an android device and everything syncs to it. and thank god i found your article which is very very helpful and simple method.

    Thanks Uday.

    • says

      Hello Anderson,
      Thanks for your message, i’m happy to hear that you found my article very useful.If there are any queries regarding this or any other topic, you can always reach me using my Contact Form or from the comment section of any post.

      Thanks again and Have a great day.

  2. Tamizh says

    Pls help me my mobile was stolen how to find my mobile or how to blocked mobile. Pls kindly do help

    • says

      Hi Tamizh, I’m extremely sorry for the delay. I’m on a vacation.
      1. First login to Google device manager using the google id you used on your mobile.
      2. Choose the device you want to track.
      3.You will be given 3 options. Ring, Lock, Erase.
      4. Since it’s been stolen , First Click on the Erase option to clear any/all confidential data on it (if any).
      5. Then Click on “LOCK” , so that the device will be locked and the person can’t use your mobile.
      6. If you have installed “Device manager” App on your mobile / or Hoping location is enabled in your mobile, click on the location icon available next to your device name. it will track your mobile location with a 20-50 meters difference.

      NOTE: In case if you are able to track your mobile and going to the location, Don’t forget you are going to a theif. Don’t Go Alone. Prefer to Go at day time.

      All the best and Be Careful.

  3. Trista says

    Ok so what can I do with the imei #? Can I still track my phone online myself with it even if it’s been factory reset?

  4. says

    what is no carrier in google dashboard …if someone used sim earlier and then take it out in this case google show no carrier or what kindly clarify
    clarify: no carrier in google dashboard

    • says

      Hi Ankush..
      we will start from the basic options.
      1.If you have the bill from the time of your purchase, The mobile IMEI will be mentioned on it.
      2. If you don’t have the bill, Then check the Mobile packing box. The IMEI will be mentioned on it.
      3. if both of the above options didn’t work , (Assuming it’s an android mobile ) and If you’ve logged into your google account from that mobile, then follow the procedure mentioned in the article.
      4. As of my knowledge, this is the last option. Go to the store where you bought your mobile. Tell them the date and other details regarding your purchase. They will have the IMEI number. Every shop will maintain record of the IMEIs of the mobiles they sold.

      I Hope this information is useful for you. Reply back if you need anymore help.