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In its Recent tweet, related to WorldCup Scores on IOS, Google gave a big hint about it’s upcoming Latest Android Version. (Though it’s Not about the Name, whether it’s Limepie or Laddu or Lollipop).

Ever since the release of Google’s Android 2.3 version, google used the Clock time to denote the current version of the OS. You can check it from the google play store devices. As the Devices in the play store presently running Android 4.4 , you’ll see the time on the devices as 4.40.

In the Latest tweet , Google Used it’s clock to give a big hint to users and developers that the upcoming version in line up of Android is not 4.5 . It’s Google’s Android 5.0. Though we already know that this Version Name starts with “L”. There is no confirmation or any details regarding the name. but hopefully it can be one among these. Android Laddu or Android LimePie or Android LollyPop. For now it’s Android 5.0 LollyPop.

One Thing is for sure, we can expect Android 5.0 in a few days.

Android 5.0 Lollipop Leak

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