Google’s All New Gmail Web Interface Leaked – Images

It seems Google is working hardly on the Complete Makeover it’s Major Apps as the announcement time for it’s New Android Version is Nearing. Do you Remember the leaked images of Google Calender and Gmail (Mobile Apps)? If not. Here they are,especially for you. These are the leaked images published by in the last month.

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Gmail 5.0 Gmail New Leaked Image Probably Inbox By Gmail

Google Calender: Lollipop Calender 5.0New Google Calender 5.0 Lollipop update

The Leaked Images published by on Friday, May 9th 2014 Revealed that google is reportedly working on a new Web interface. The present and the past version of Gmail web interface is a bit cluttered when compared to the new Interfaces of Outlook and Yahoo. And in the upcoming (leaked) gmail interface it seems like google is working on a extremely new , lean and clutter less web interface. Lets have a look at it.

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Gmail Web Interface:Inbox by Gmail:

All new Gmail , Inbox by Gmail Web interface

The Major change in this version is it’s all new design.

We can notice a big blue toolbar on the top with a inbox toggle button on the right, hangouts button on the extreme right side and A large search field is present on this toolbar.

The Pin next to the search bar is expected to replace the ‘Stars’ in gmail.

There’s “+” bubble in the right bottom corner of the design for reminders and to-do’s which eventually expands and contracts when used.

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With the elimination of tabs and all this toggle options we can say that google is giving it’s priority to clean and clutter less user interface which can be fit on any screen resolution.
Though there is no official confirmation that whether this design will make it out or not. There are always a lot of experimental designs being worked out by engineers in companies. More over there are a lot of ideas that never made it than those we knew.

Still this is a beautiful interface and with luck we can see a all new Gmail anyday from now. Google Leaks updates

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