Google Trips – Travel App APK is available for Download

There’s been a news around the internet that Google would soon begin testing a new mobile travel application.
A small correction to this. Its not just a news. The App is “Google Trips” and it is out for beta testing. Interested Users can download the apk right now, where as we should wait for couple of days to get that app from Playstore.

Google Trips Apk Download link is at the bottom of the post

Google Trips Android Travel App Apk Download

What is Google Trips?

Google Trips is a travel app which keeps track of users Past and Upcoming Trips while providing the users all the useful and relevant info about their destination. It’s a big attempt from google, with Trips app for android and ios , Google is trying to automate all the data collected from your gmail, google maps, travel resolutions, reservations and bring it into one single interface. In addition to that it Provides relevant information, Tourist spots, Travel info, services, flight alerts and reminders and the option to share the data with others.

Google Trips APK download Travel app for android iOS

Google Trips APK download Travel app for android iOS

Trips App helps you find /Get

  • Top Tourist Spots in that City/Place
  • Recommended Locations for You
  • Nearby Tourist Locations
  • Top Spots for Food & Drinks
  • Flight Alerts
  • Travel Remainders
  • Save Favourite Places

One Important thing to note is “Google Trips App Works OFFLINE”. If you feel some place/ data is missing in the app you can always suggest some attractions which are missing in Trips Travel App.

 Google Trips APK download Travel app for android iOS

Google Trips APK download Travel app for android iOS

One of the most interesting things about Google’s Android App TRIPS is that it can fetch all the travel information like Travel Reservation mails from Your Gmail, Google Maps, Calender and Reminders. Just like Google’s virtual assistant Google now scans all your data and present them in a relevant manner on your google now screen.

With all these features, it is likely that , Android/IOS Travel app Trips will have a very high impact on local travel guide apps.

Download Google Trips App From Here: Download Google Trips APK File

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