How To Delete Google Plus Profile and Youtube channel Permanently?

Google Plus is one among the major Social networking sites at present. Though when compared with facebook it has it’s cons. Still Google Plus has it’s own advantages Like integration with gmail contacts, communities etc. No matter how good a social networking site may be, even facebook , there will always be users who want to delete their account. Whether that account may be their secondary account or may be there are some other reasons.

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In this post, i’ll explain you how to delete the Google plus profile Permanently , But please note that, if you’re going to delete your google plus account, all the data and services associated/ depending on that account will also be deleted. And This won’t Delete or effect Your GOOGLE ACCOUNT and it’s services including Gmail, google books, playstore account, blogger, picasa and other accounts and data depending on Google account.

The Following services and Data will be deleted along with the G+ profile:

* Google Plus Pages (Own Pages and Pages they manage)

* Youtube Channel and Subscriptions

* Google Plus Contacts (people in their circles)

* Google Public Profile (It Won’t effect your Google Account)

How to Delete your Google Plus Profile and Youtube channel Permanently:

Step 1: Login to your Google Plus Profile. (

Step 2: In Your Account Settings page ( visit this link

Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you find “Account Management” section.

google plus profile deletion account management

Step 4: Click on the 3rd option “Delete Google + profile and features”

Step 5: Read the warning page given by Google before you delete your Account. This page gives you the details about which Google services and Data you’re going to lose. ( Link:

Warning: Once You deleted Your Profile it cannot be retrieved back.

profile deletion warning page

Step 6: Finish the procedure by selecting the checkboxes and click on “Removed Selected services” and Then Enter Your Password to Authenticate , This will delete your Google plus profile and all the services, data mentioned in the warning page.

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