How To Delete Kik Account / Deactivate Kik Account Permanently

How To Delete Kik / Deactivate Kik Permanently: Kik Messenger is one of the top messaging apps available on android and IOS platforms. Before saying anything else about How to Delete Kik Account, I have to mention one important point about this. If you’re already a kik user, Then you’ll surely know about this. But for first-time users, Kik is the best Messenger app to chat anonymously on IOS & Android platforms. Kik needs nothing but your email id to register. Thereby you can get a user id you want. Using the Id, Your friends can find you on kik, only if you share that id with them. Most of the Omegle users prefer kik as it’s the best to keep their online identity safe and secure until they want to reveal it themselves.

How to Delete Kik / Deactivate Kik - Delete Kik Account Permanently - Deactivate kik Account Permanently
How to Delete Kik, Deactivate Kik

For first time users, This might sound like a hectic process. But trust me. This won’t even take 10 seconds. Kik needs your email id so that it can send you back a password reset link if you forgot your password in future. Kik supports sending of video, pictures, GIFs and you can instantly search the internet from the Kik app itself.

Outline of the contents of the post:

Prerequisites on How To Delete Kik / Deactivate kik:

  •  You need to know the email id which you used while registering for kik account. (if you don’t remember, check out the next para to know how to find email id)
  • Must have Access to the inbox of that email id.
  • Kik Messenger App installed on your iPhone / Android smartphone.
  • Of-course a working internet connection.

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How To Find email id to delete kik account / deactivate kik account permanently

Before deleting your kik account, You need the email id which used while registering in KIK. Initially, kik asks for your email id for 3 major reasons.

  1. To send you kik password reset link if you ever forgot your password and requested for a reset password option.
  2. To send a confirmation email for important tasks like Deleting kik account / Deactivating kik Account.
  3. To send you New updates on Latest Features / App Updates, Policy Updates and other promotional emails related to Kik Messenger.

How to find the email id?

  • Open Kik Messenger app on your iPhone / Android smartphone.
  • Click on the gear icon on the top right corner.
  • Click on My Account.

It will display all your information like Your kik username, Your email id, Your name. Note down your email id. We need it while deleting kik account / deactivating kik account.

How to Delete Kik / Deactivate Kik ?

So, if you ever decided to deactivate kik or delete your kik account, the first thing you need to do is to delete or clear all you chat history. Let’s have a look at the procedure. we have 2 Major tasks.

  1. Permanently Delete Kik Account Chat History Before Deactivating Kik Account
  2. “How to delete kik Account” / “Deactivate Kik Account permanently” – Step by Step procedure

Permanently Delete Kik Chat History Before Deactivating Kik :

Delete Kik account or merely deactivating kik account won’t clear your kik chat history. So before deactivating kik account, we have to clear the chat history. Permanently deleting all your chat history is so simple and can be done from within the app. I’m writing the below procedure, Assuming that you haven’t deleted/uninstalled the Kik App on your Android smartphone/ Iphone (IOS) or may be Ipad.

  • Step 1: Open Kik Messenger on Your Device. (Android / iPhone)
  • Step 2: Click on the Settings Icon (Gear Icon) on the top right corner of the app.
  • Step 3: Now tap on “Your Account” option.
How to Delete Kik / Deactivate kik - Delete Permanently - Deactivate Kik Permanently
How to Delete Kik / Deactivate kik / permanently  on iPhone / Android Reset Messenger
  • Step 4: I suggest you note down your email id before proceeding to next step. This is needed to delete your account permanently, which we will discuss later in this post.
  • Step 5: Now at the end of the screen you’ll see ” Reset Kik Messenger
  • Step 6: Confirm your choice by tapping on “Yes” when asked for confirmation.
How to Delete Kik / Deactivate kik
How to Delete Kik / Deactivate kik – Permanently Delete Chat History

This will clear all your chat history and log you out of the app. So now that we have only task remaining “delete kik account” (Deactivate Kik Account)

Link to Deactivate Kik Account / How To Delete Kik permanently:

Unlike Deleting chat history, For Kik, If we want to delete kik account, we need to visit the official link given in Kik Website to Deactivate our kik account. It is the only way to deactivate a kik account/ Delete a kik account. Unlike other websites articles, I won’t lie with you. There is no way to permanently delete kik account, at least as of now. You can only deactivate it forever. Which means You can reactivate your kik account whenever you want. The process of how to reactivate your account is mentioned at the end of the post.  Official Website link to deactivate kik account / Delete kik Account. I have mentioned a clear step by step procedure below. Go through it.

“How To Delete Kik” / “Deactivate Kik Account Permanently” – Step By Step Procedure:

Deleting / Deactivating your Kik account permanently can’t be done from within the app. So we need to go to the deactivation link given in Kik official website. This page can be opened on your mobile too.

  1. Click on the Link To Delete kik Account. This is the only way to deactivate Kik/ delete a kik account.

    How to Delete Kik / Deactivate kik - Enter your Mail
    How to Delete Kik /Deactivate kik – iPhone / Android Reset Messenger
  2. Enter your email id, which we have noted earlier while deleting Kik chat history, in the prompted box and confirm by click on the green “GO” button.

    How to Delete Kik / Deactivate kik - Deactivation mail sent
    How to delete kik – Deactivate kik – Deactivation mail sent
  3. Now you’ll receive a confirmation email from KIK to the email address you have given in the above step.
  4. Go to your email inbox, Find that mail from Kik Messenger which looks like the one in the image below:

    How to Delete Kik / Deactivate kik
    How to Delete Kik / Deactivate kik – the Last Message
  5. Click on the “Deactivate” link shown in the email to deactivate your kik account.
  6. Now you’ll be taken to a web page where kik it shows your account has been deactivated and gives a set of options asking the reason for deactivating your account.

    How to Delete Kik / Deactivate kik - Deactivation confirmed
    How to Delete Kik – Deactivate kik – Deactivation Confirmation

How To Delete Kik Account permanently without email?

I’ve seen in some articles on other sites that they are misleading the users by saying we can delete kik account permanently and that without an email id. Just think of this. What does kik know about you? Only knows 3 details.

  • Kik Id (Unique Id that you invented)
  • Your email id (unique)
  • Date of Birth (which is not unique)

What does a fellow kik user can know about you? “Only your kik user id“.

So, if we can request to delete/deactivate a kik account without using email id. Then what other details does kik have to identify and deactivate your kik account?

  • Your Date of Birth, which is not unique (I’m sure, there are a lot of other people on kik who has the same birthday as you).
  • But Kik user id is unique.

So kik has to proceed using your kik user id. That means anyone who knows your kik id can request for deleting your kik id. Right? How secure will it be? Everyone who knows your id is able to request for deletion of your account. Which is 101% not secure. So, Kik team has chosen the only secure way, while asking you to provide as little info as to keep your online identity anonymous. So, practically there is no other option. We can request for a deletion or deactivation of kik account using our email id only.

How To Reactivate a Kik Account?

Reactivating Kik Account is a lot easier than Deactivating a kik Account. Just as easy as Logging In to kik account. Yes. That’s it.

  • Install Kik Messenger app on your smartphone its uninstalled.
  • Log In using your Kik user id and Password.
  • That’s it. Your deactivated Kik account will be activated automatically.

Update On Reset Kik Account Option:

I’ve seen that in the recent update for KIK Messenger app on Android, The “Reset Kik Messenger” option has been removed from the settings. Don’t worry. The functionality is provided as “logout”. Logging out will clear all your chat history now.

Conclusion: Deactivate / Delete / Reactivate Kik Account + Deleting Chat History:

Before concluding I like to give you a word of advice. A Point Worth noting: After deactivating Kik Account, if you want to check if your account is deactivated or not, Search for your Account from your friends kik or from another account. don’t try logging in, as it will automatically reactivate your account.

Now that you have cleared all your Chat history and You have Permanently deleted your Kik Messenger account.  I’m sure I’ve given you the complete information that is not available anywhere else. I hope this helps you not only to just delete your kik account but also to increase your knowledge about privacy options. You can always leave a comment if you have any doubt.

Source: Kik Messenger Official Site,  Reset Your Kik Account

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    i was googling for something about kik accounts and deletions, just for knowing. i’m really not interested in deactivating my kik account, but i was just checking to know what the procedure is if i ever want to. Your article makes it a piece of cake . Thanks for the screenshots. Though i didn’t it on my own. now i feel like i know each and every step about how to deactivate kik account.
    Thank you Author.

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    So to deactivate kik acount u r saying there is no other way than going to kik deactivation website. The deactivation link u gave above. it’s not opening for me what is the problem.

    • says

      Hello twinkle,
      I’ve just rechecked the link I gave above and it’s working perfectly fine. Please do check the deactivation link for kik website again. Thanks for reaching me out.

      Have a great day. 🙂

    • says

      Hello Kevin,
      I’m Glad you liked my post. Thank U. After deactivating the kik account, In future, if you ever want to reactivate your account, Its a very simple task.
      1.Just install kik messenger on your iPhone / android phone.
      2.Login with your Kik user Id and Kik password.
      3.Your account will be automatically reactivated.

      As of now , In kik, they don’t actually delete your account permanently. They just deactivate it and you can activate anytime whenever you want.

      Thanks for reaching me out. keep visiting techisher.

    • says

      Hello Vinay,
      It seems to me like you are using the latest version of kik messenger app. As i have mentioned in the above procedure on “How to deactivate kik account” at the end i have mentioned one point as update.
      In the reset update of the kik app, the “reset kik messenger” option has been removed. But nothing we miss. They gave the option to “clear saved payments” and Logout.
      Just logout of the app and all your chat will be cleared. and for delete your kik account, as mentioned above, please visit kik deactivation website link given in the post and follow the mentioned procedure.

      I hope i cleared your doubt. Thanks for reaching me. Have a great day.

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    It seemed funny for me at first. Such a huge post for one small Question. But I agree it covers a lot of questions which I didn’t find else where. Good. Keep up the work.

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    Kik is good for anonymous chat. and it’s the best thing i like, being anonymous. i didn’t read your article to know how to delete kik. but i read to know if there is any other way to delete it other than using email.
    You cleared my Mind. Thanks .

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