Manage Two Facebook Accounts On One Android Device Using Official App 2016

Managing Multiple Social Networking accounts is not as easy as it looks. Logging In and Out switching between the two accounts is quite a pain. Especially when it comes to Mobile devices. In a PC / Mac somehow we install multiple browsers we can manage it. But what about in Android Devices ? Thanks to Facebook Team, They Launched Facebook Lite For Android Yesterday ( Download APK for Facebook Lite ).

Manage Two Facebook Profiles On ONe Android Device

          You’re already reading this article, So i assume that you probably have an Android Device either smartphone or a Tab, and 2 Facebook accounts. To manage your Two Facebook accounts, The easiest and simplest way is to Install Official Facebook App (Facebook for Android) and Facebook Lite from the playstore on your android device. Whether you tried it or not, Installing both these apps on your Android device allows to Login to different Facebook accounts. So now you can seamlessly manage both your facebook accounts on your Android Tablet / Smartphone.

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Is It Going To Effect your Device’s Performance?

Before Yesterday, Everyone was using only Facebook for Android, the main app for facebook on android devices. So, If you’re one of them already using it on your device, then you can install facebook lite without any hesitation. Facebook lite is Just 252Kb in size which is 1/100th in size when compared with the main application and it consumes very less RAM. The best thing about Facebook lite is it consumes very less data and is based on the 2011 application “SNAPTU”.

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Facebook Lite For Android Viral News


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Word of Advice:

If you’re a person who is concerned about data consumption by your apps, then i suggest you to login to your major account on facebook lite. Because as i’ve already mentioned, it consumes very less data and also has all the major features like groups, pages, messenger available in it. Major Account in the sense, i mean, the account which you use most to stay connected with your friends, follow others feed and stuff. So this account needs to download more content, i suggest you to use facebook lite for this app which is going to save a lot of data.


Now with the latest update in the Facebook Official App itself , You can Login with multiple accounts. But each time you try to switch between accounts it will ask you for a 4 digit pin which you will set prior when adding the account.

So, How to Use 2 Facebook Accounts in Facebook Full App itself?

First things first, Login with one account normally. While logging in the app will prompt you to enter a 4 digit pin. Give a 4 digit pin there. It’s like a passcode. If it didn’t don’t worry. I’ll guide you.

Once you successfully logged in, Now from the settings > tap on LOGOUT.

This will take you to login screen and here again you’ll find a link to add a 4 digit pin. Now add a pin to that account.

The reason why we are adding this pin is, so that we can easily swap between accounts by just entering the pin instead of entering your complete password everytime.

Now if you’re logged in, logout and you will see an option to login with another account. Use that link to login with the other account and add a 4 digit pin to that account too.

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  1. So, I downloaded the APK but I’m still uncertain how to sign in with multiple accounts. Is there a way to split the two accounts within one app? Or, do you log-in with one account using Lite and a second account with the full Facebook app? This only allows a person to use 2 accounts, but it’s still better than 1!

    • Hello Christi, You can Login with one account in Facebook Lite and second account in Facebook app ,
      In Facebook App itself (Latest versions Only) , You can use 2 accounts, but you have to logout and login each and every time while switching (Not that tough). Facebook Made it easy to switch, You don’t have to enter your login details everytime you switch between accounts. You just have to select the account and enter a 4 digit pin (which you will enter while switching the first time). Hope this helps.

      • I manage an a/c of a friend as well. The login for that is different from my personal a/c. But my android phone says I cannot use multiple logins for facebook from mobile even if I used Fast for FB which I downloaded from playstore and in its technical details it had said it can manage multiple a/cs. What needs to be done then?

        • Hello Tina,
          You don’t need any 3rd party app for using 2 Facebook accounts. Facebook App itself has the option to support 2 facebook accounts.
          Follow these steps:
          1. Install/ Update the Facebook App in Your android Mobile.
          2. Sign in with your personal A/c.
          3. After successful signing in you will be asked that if you’d like to add another account or not. add your friend’s account at that time. If No such prompt comes. Just click on logout from the settings and you will be definitely given the option there to add another facebook account.

          If all the above fails.
          Then this will surely help you to manage 2 facebook accounts on your android mobile.

          Install facebook app and also facebook lite.
          Sign into one account on facebook app
          and sign into other(your friend’s) account in facebook lite app.

      • Hi Uday,

        “You just have to select the account and enter a 4 digit pin (which you will enter while switching the first time). Hope this helps.”
        This Option has disappeared when I have cleared data for this app, and now it is no- longer giving me the option. I have re-installed the app as well.

        Not sure how to reset the 4 digit pin

  2. Im using samsung tab 4,,,so many time i try to set 2 facebook account but im fail,,can someone teach me the step,,,

  3. I have two Facebooks acounts and i won’t to get rid of both of them i done with social media

    • Just Delete your facebook accounts and if you don’t login for the next 3 months , your accounts will be permanently deleted from facebook. Be sure you backup all your data from facebook before you do that.

  4. I have two Facebooks acounts and i won’t to get rid of both of them i done with social media can you help

  5. Thank you very much for this article, it answered my question.

  6. Facebook like is no longer available on the Play Store in the US

  7. I hv 2 accounts and 1 i use frm chrome n another frm tht i can use both together. .but on chrome its updated fb version and on opera its old to update tht..??.plz help

  8. I downloaded the newest Facebook app on my Android. I was able to make a PIN for logging into another account. However, when I click log out it doesn’t log out and just reloads the account I was in. I end up having to restart the phone.

  9. Can only share with primary account and not the second account, any idea

  10. Thanks for the Creators of this useful article. It answers every doubt we have. Your Technical help like this should continue. Thanks again.

  11. Useful article.
    Easily understandable.
    Management is simple.

    • At last some ratnliaoity in our little debate.

  12. We have 4 GOOGLE Accounts in our family.
    and we use 2 Facebook accounts.
    Secondary mobile doesn’t support Facebook.
    Now this article solves our search. and we shall experience with it.

  13. Is that safe ?

    • Yes Zain. It’s absolutely safe.
      Here you are using Only Official facebook apps for android. So No Need to worry about your privacy.

  14. Great info helped heaps thanks

  15. I have two Facebook accounts I want to join them together help please

    • Hi Annette, As far as i know, we can’t merge two facebook accounts. But you can use both of them at a time in your smartphone.

  16. Dear!
    Thanks a lot for the information about two Facebook accounts. Though I have not tried to log in to multiple accounts however I think your article is very useful.

  17. I have two facebook with my name in my smart phone Android and I can’t open the oldest one and this one for my family and my friends and I can open the newest one only the other facebook I saw only my page I think home page .
    Please help me to open the other one .

    • That’s an inventive answer to an inttreseing question

  18. I have 2 facebook accounts but only one of them requires a password and the other doesn’t. I want them both to be secure with passwords. How do I do this? Thanx

    • Ineinltgelce and simplicity – easy to understand how you think.

  19. Can I just say what a comfort to find somebody that genuinely knows what they are discussing on the
    web. You actually understand how to bring an issue to light and make it
    important. A lot more people have to check this out and
    understand this side of the story. I was surprised you’re not more popular
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