Microsoft’s Bing Introduces New “Conversational” Functionality To Search

Bing introduces New Functionality called “Conversational search”. Some times a single question may lead to more number of questions , making the users to seek for even more information. This became the premise for Latest Development in Bing.

On August 13, 2014 Bing announced in it’s blog post that a latest functionality is added to it, which is called a conversational Search, in which Bing continues the conversation after the results for the users query is shown. Microsoft Bing's all new search functionality "Conversational" Techisher Post Pic

For example, if the question is “who is the president of United States of America?” Bing shows the result as Barack Obama. If this displayed answer inspires additional questions like “what is his wife’s name” or “what is his Height?” or “what is his age?” Bing will maintain the context from the original question (first question) and continues the conversation. That means, It results the answers “Michelle Obama” and “6 Ft. 1 inch” and “53” without the need of entering whose wife or whose height or age. Here bing understands that the 2nd questions is infact the follow up question to the previous one and another new search.

Bing Principal Development Lead Yan Ke says that “ These Improvements are build on extensive work we have done to build out the bing platform including investments in entity and conversational understanding. This is a long journey, we expect to deliver a number of additional improvements in the days ahead”.

While Google has been adding conversational voice search on chrome (desktop version) and google now for android, It is believed that Microsoft is planning to integrate cortana with it’s next windows Release according to an article on ZDnet.

Who knows what these tech biggies has in their pockets!

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