Microsoft Office 2016 Consumer Technical Preview (BETA) Available For Everyone

After Windows 10 Technical Preview and it’s Latest January Build, Now Microsoft is Rolling out it’s Office 2016 Consumer Technical Preview. In Simple Words, Microsoft is made the Technical Preview (Beta Version) of it’s Latest Office Software 2016 available to public, though, it’s still under a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).

Microsoft Office 2016 Technical Preview Download BETA For Free Techisher

Earlier this, the consumer preview of office 2016 is only available for a selected group of People under the INVITE only method. But a couple of hours back, Microsoft Made it available for public. So, All those who are interested to Try the latest version of office can try the beta version for free. But here’s the catch, In order to try the Consumer Technical Preview of Office 2016, or To download it to your PC/Laptop, You Need to have an Active Office 365 Subscription.

How To Download Office 2016 Consumer Technical Preview:

If you have an Active subscription of Office 365, you can download the latest version of Office 2016 BETA version by visiting the Microsoft Connect site. Or

  • simply click on the official link here,
  • Sign In to your Microsoft Account.
  • Click on the JOIN option in the row of Microsoft Office Consumer Technical Preview.
  • Then You’ll be able to Download Microsoft Office 2016 Preview.

A Few days back it’s Invite only System, Now it’s for office 365 subscription users. May be in a couple of days, it might be available for all the public, even to those who don’t have office 365 subscription. Why am i saying this? Now that microsoft started focusing on service oriented business than on product oriented one. This is the reason why Microsoft Started offering Office Softwares and other useful Microsoft products through online and to other platforms like Apple’s Mac OSX, IOS and Android for FREE. Not to forget, Microsoft announced that it’s been working on office for LINUX too. So, Sooner we can Hope Microsoft is going to offer the Technical Preview for all the Users.

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    • says

      Hello Yoon,
      Yes, Microsoft Announced that they are working on Office for Linux (In Microsoft Loves Linux Meet).
      Please Google It for More details.

  1. LinuxOfficeYeaRight says

    I doubt MS will ever port to true Linux.

    “Microsoft offers key productivity software such as Office365, Skype, and RDP clients on Linux-based and BSD-based client operating systems such as iOS, Android, and Mac OS X”