How to Play More than One video/Music File (Multiple Instances) in VLC at a time

VLC Media Player is one of the Most Used and Popular open Source Video Player. There are a lot of features available in VLC Player Including Playing Multiple Instances, Screen Recorder and lot more. I’ve seen a lot of intelligent people (obviously my Friends) who installed different video players (like GOM, K-player) along with VLC , just incase if they need to play multiple vids at once. Though VLC did support that feature at that more than one video in vlc at one time

In this Post, I’ll explain how you can Open/Play More than One Video at a time. Yes, You can Play Two videos at a time in VLC or even Three or a combination of Music and video files.

Lets say, You can play a Movie , a pop song video and a Music file all at once in different windows of VLC. Off course No one Plays all at a time .But This comes handy when you’re want to watch 2 videos in parallel like eTutorials, Documentaries or Music Files.

Note: This feature may not be available in very old verisons of VLC.

How To Play Multiple Instances In VLC at a time:

STEP 1: Open VLC player. From the Menu, Click on Tools>>Preferences.

More than one video in vlc at one time preferences

STEP 2: Now a separate window named “simple Preferences” will be opened.

STEP 3: Select “Interface” Option on the Left pane.

STEP 4:On the right pane (scroll down if necessary) you will find the options “allow only one instance” and “use only one instance when started from file manager” under ‘PLAYLIST AND INSTANCE’ category.


STEP 5: ‘Allow only one instance’ option will be checked by default(in older versions) and in newer versions ‘Use only one instance when started from file manager’ is checked by default. UNCHECK these options.


STEP 6: Now save and Restart VLC. Now you can play as many instances as you want.

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