Re Enable Disabled Chat Option in Facebook Android App using this APK

Everyone Know Facebook disabled the Chat Function from it’s Facebook for Android App and Forced the Users to Use messenger instead. Though Majority of the users oppose this move from facebook but because of lack of choice eventually everyone started using Messenger for Chat. This is main reason behind why Facebook Messenger reached 500+ Million Users in a very short span. Using an extra app for the sole purpose of only chat not only takes extra memory on our gadgets but also consume extra RAM.

Re Enable Chat Function in Facebook Android App Techisher Post Pic

Thanks To XDA Forum, Someone Developed an APP (more like an extension) to Re-enable chat function in Facebook Android APP. The Chat function in FB app is just disabled but not removed so using this extension apk we can re-enable that function.

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You may Wonder? Instead of installing FB messenger i’m installing this extension. what makes the difference? we’re going to install an extra app anyways.

If this is what you think, Then you’re wrong. As i have already mentioned this is not an app. Just a little bit of code to edit the Facebook App’s Code on your Android device so as to re enable the chat function. It won’t install, It won’t take either memory or RAM. All you need is to Run this APK ONLY ONCE.

Please Note, That this app is not available in Playstore Just yet, and you have to download it from the xda forum and run the apk on your android device only once. Here’s the link to download Facebook Re-Enabler

NOTE: This enabler App supports Facebook App Versions (and any version before)

This may Support the latest versions too.

May be in the future, Facebook may completely remove this chat function from it’s Android App. But as of now, it’s still available and we can make use of it.

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