Root Any Android smartphone on Windows 7/8/10 PC using Free software

What is Android Rooting?

Root any Android smartphone on windows 10/8 PC using Free software: Rooting your Android phone is equivalent to Jail Breaking an IOS device(iPhone). Rooting the Android Device (smartphone/Tablet) means breaking the restricted user privileges and giving the user Root access. If you’re familiar with Linux platform then there’s no need to explain what is root access for you. But considering the Novice users, I’m discussing what is Root access.

What is Root Access?

Getting Root Access is nothing but becoming Super User (i.e the user who has the access to root folder is called super user). From now, I’ll use the Term Super User, so beginners won’t get confused. Super User is the highest level of user access in Linux platform (android is based on Linux platform) which is similar to Administrator in Windows Operating system.

In the Pre-installed Operating System,Stock ROM, The user is restricted from doing some operations like viewing and editing the root folder, Deleting the App data of Applications, Uninstalling Pre-installed Applications and so on. By rooting Your Android Smartphone/ Tablet You are trying to gain the highest level Access to your Device’s Operating system. which gives you the ability to interact/edit with the app data of your applications. Let me give you an example, if you’re a Hill climb racing game user, You can simply edit your score or get more coins, make unlimited purchases just by editing the related file in that game’s AppData folder ( the name is not the same).

Why Should we root any Android Smartphone:

Rooting Your Android Phone is not a must do the thing and for your note, It’s Voids your Android smartphone warranty. But these smartphones we’re using has more potential, so to make the best use of our mobiles, Rooting is needed.

Advantages of Rooting:

There are a lot of advantages with Rooting. Some of them are:

1. You Can Uninstall the preloaded apps/widgets on your mobile.
2. You can install 3rd party android apps which are not approved by google.
3. Flash A custom Rom (like Cyanogen Mod)
4. Flash a Custom Kernel.
5. Overclock the processor speed.
6. Update your Phone operating system to latest version.
7. Even More Customization available on your android phone.

How to Root Any Android SmartPhone Using Windows 10/xp/7/8/ Computer/Pc

This is a 3 Step Simple Process:

Step 1: Download and Install the Software “Unlock Root” (Official Website: This software is for windows platform. While Download it, on Google Chrome Browser, it keeps saying Malicious, but it’s not. on Mozilla Firefox /IE there’s no problem like this.)Root any android smartphone on windows 10 pc xp vista 7 8 8.1 for free app

Step 2: Enable USB Debugging on Your Android Phone and connect your smartphone or tablet to your PC using DataCable. If you’re using Android 4.0 or Later, You can find this option in Settings>Developer Options. Click on the check box next to USB debugging option to enable it.

Step 3: Now Run The Unlock Root Software On Your PC and Wait for the software to recognise your Mobile. It Gives you Options:

  • Select your MobileRoot any android smartphone on windows 10 pc xp vista 7 8 8.1 for free app select mobile
  • Then Click on the “root” button given in Green Color.Root any android smartphone on windows 10 pc xp vista 7 8 8.1 for free green button
  • Meanwhile it asks you to install battery saver application, it’s your choice to install it or not. If you want you can simply skip it by Clicking “NO”.
  • Wait for it Finish the process.

Note:Please don’t disconnect your mobile when the rooting process is going on. This won’t take more than 3-4 minutes at max.

After the Process has been completed the software on your pc prompts your to restart your android phone. click “OK” on your PC. This will restart your Mobile.Root any android smartphone on windows 10 pc xp vista 7 8 8.1 for free reboot

Now that your Android SmartPhone is Rooted.
To make sure that your android phone is rooted succesfully, Download “Root checker” Android App from the Play store and run it.

Still have some doubts ? Leave it in comments section.

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  1. shivam says

    I have Samsung z1 tizen is phone in that USB degguing option is not shown how I make to root my phone please help me

    • says

      Hello Shivam,
      FYI Tizen is different from Android, though they belong to the Linux family. I’ll try to give you a small and simple solution. Instead of doing it manually, install a app that can do it for you. Follow the below procedure.

      1. Search for “King Root” app and install it.
      2. Turn on Data or Connect to WiFi.
      3. Now Open the app and Tap on the ROOT option.
      4. Wait for the process to complete.
      5. Reboot your phone to complete the procedure.

      I hope this helps. Thanks for Reaching out. Have a Great day.

      Note: Rooting your mobile will void the warranty of your phone and sometimes results in Bricking the mobile. The author is not responsible in any way.