Digital India FB Profile pic doesn’t mean support to “INTERNET.ORG”


Yesterday, Sep 28th 2015, Mark Zuckerberg and Prime Minister Modi changed their Facebook profile pictures to show their support to Digital India. Ever since that, From celebrities to common man in India everyone is changing their FB profile picture filled with tri-colors to show their support to Digital India. But from the past couple of […]

Manage Two Facebook Accounts On One Android Device Using Official App 2016

Manage Two Facebook Profiles On ONe Android Device

Managing Multiple Social Networking accounts is not as easy as it looks. Logging In and Out switching between the two accounts is quite a pain. Especially when it comes to Mobile devices. In a PC / Mac somehow we install multiple browsers we can manage it. But what about in Android Devices ? Thanks to […]

Facebook Launched Facebook-Lite Android App for Low Spec devices( Download Apk)

Facebook Lite For Android Viral News

Facebook launched Facebook Lite App for Android Devices With Low Specs. With this Move, it’s Clear that Facebook making moves to reach more people by providing lite weight apps which support on low end android devices. This App is only 262KB which is 1/100th of the Major Facebook App used by Millions of People. It […]

How to Disable Facebook In-App Browser in Android (updated)

Disable Facebook In app browser techisher Post Pic

A Couple of months back facebook released started rolling out the beta version of it’s in app (in built) browser in facebook app for ios and android. Now that the final version of this built in browser in facebook app is available in the latest versions of facebook application. Though this helps in increasing the […]

How To View Privacy protected Unclickable Facebook profile picture in 2015 (Updated)

view unclickable fb profile picture

We often come across Some profiles with Unclickable profile pictures (display photos) in Facebook. Unclickable Profile Pictures means, The FB Profile Pictures Which We can’t See complete view(original Uploaded picture) or Those Images that won’t respond when we click on them in the profiles, i.e We can’t open in the Image Viewer in FB. They […]

Re Enable Disabled Chat Option in Facebook Android App using this APK

Re Enable Chat Function in Facebook Android App Techisher Post Pic

Everyone Know Facebook disabled the Chat Function from it’s Facebook for Android App and Forced the Users to Use messenger instead. Though Majority of the users oppose this move from facebook but because of lack of choice eventually everyone started using Messenger for Chat. This is main reason behind why Facebook Messenger reached 500+ Million […]