Facebook Launched Facebook-Lite Android App for Low Spec devices( Download Apk)

Facebook launched Facebook Lite App for Android Devices With Low Specs. With this Move, it’s Clear that Facebook making moves to reach more people by providing lite weight apps which support on low end android devices. This App is only 262KB which is 1/100th of the Major Facebook App used by Millions of People. It […]

Enable Right to Left Direction Layout (RTL) for left handed android users

By default android has the left-to-right layout, as most of the users are right handed. But it’s certain that there are some users who prefers to have RIGHT-TO-LEFT Layout (RTL) on their android smartphones and Tablet devices. Android features the ability to change the layout from it’s default left-to-right layout to Right-To-Left. But most of […]

Book Online Tatkal Train Tickets Quickly in IRCTC Site

Book Tatkal Tickets Quickly : IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) is known for changing the face of railway ticket booking and reservations system in India. It is the first to introduce Online railway ticket booking service in India. Of-course Until a few months back irctc is notoriously slow and with frequent timeouts it always made […]

How To View Privacy Protected Facebook Profile Picture (Unclickable)

View Privacy Protected Facebook Profile Picture: We often come across Some profiles with Unclickable profile pictures (display photos) on Facebook. Unclickable Profile Pictures are, The FB Profile Pictures Which won’t open in FB image viewer when clicked on it. For clickable profile pictures, We can see the source image, the uploaded original picture.  These clickable images […]

Play Subway Surfers Game on Windows 7/8/xp PC, Mac Using Keyboard For Free

Subway surfers is the Most popular and Addictive Game for Android/IOS platforms after Candy Crush. In this game, we will be chased by a cop and we have to run on the rail tracks to evade the cop meanwhile we have to dodge obstacles, escape from running trains, collect gold coins. With these collected gold […]