How To Delete Kik Account / Deactivate Kik Account Permanently

How To Delete Kik / Deactivate Kik Permanently: Kik Messenger is one of the top messaging apps available on android and IOS platforms. Before saying anything else about How to Delete Kik Account, I have to mention one important point about this. If you’re already a kik user, Then you’ll surely know about this. But […]

How To View Privacy Protected Facebook Profile Picture (Unclickable)

View Privacy Protected Facebook Profile Picture: We often come across Some profiles with Unclickable profile pictures (display photos) on Facebook. Unclickable Profile Pictures are, The FB Profile Pictures Which won’t open in FB image viewer when clicked on it. For clickable profile pictures, We can see the source image, the uploaded original picture.  These clickable images […]

How to Disable,Hide,Turn off blue ticks in whatsapp on android/iphone ios

Whatsapp has been in the news lately for introducing a new feature called “Blueticks” in it’s latest Update. The Users have started calling this update as “Whatsapp’s Blue Version”. However, it seems like most of the users don’t like it because of the way the new update is effecting their privacy. Now Whatsapp is eventually […]

How To Block Game Requests,Notifications On Facebook 2015 (Updated)

Facebook Game requests and Notifications became more annoying these days. Every day more and more requests are coming in from friends and i’ve seen a couple o my friends posting their FB status as, “Please don’t send Candy Crush Requests”.Funny isn’t it. So i thought of writing this article on “How To Block Game Requests […]