Turn Your Windows Laptop in to Virtual Wifi Hotspot / Router for Free

Turn Your Windows Laptop into Virtual Wifi Hotspot : Sometimes we may have only one wired internet connection available and more than device need to be connected to internet. This situation arises mostly while staying in hotel  or went to someother town or because of unavailability of Router. In such cases Turning your laptop/PC into a portable wifi hotspot (a virtual wlan wireless router) is very useful. We don’t Need a Router to do this. We’ll install a third party software on our Windows laptop/ Pc to make it work like a router.

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What is a virtual Wifi Hotspot/ Wireless Router:

A virtual wifi Hotspot / Router Software Helps users to share the internet connection (whether a cable modem, broadband connection, a cellular card or even another wifi network) from their windows PC/Laptops with other devices wirelessly. Here, by the word other devices, i mean other wifi enabled devices, including laptops / PCs(windows / mac / linux), smartphones, Gaming systems, Music Players.

There are a lot of Virtual Router Softwares Available in Market both free and Pro version. But not all of them are stable and easy to use. So here i’m listing the apps that are best & has stable versions as of my knowledge. If you think i missed to mention some “Good, Useful & Free” Wifi Hot spot Creator, Please do Mention Below in the comments.

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How to Create A Portable Wifi Hotspot on Your Windows Laptop/PC:

Step 1: Download One among the Following 3 Softwares. (all are FREE).

  • mHotspot ( i suggest you to prefer this) (i explained why you should choose this software at the end of this procedure)
  • Virtual Router
  • Connectify.

Step 2: Install the mHotspot Software on Your PC/Laptop.

Step 3: Connect your device to Internet & Turn on Wifi in Your Laptop/Pc.

Step 4: Now Run mHotspot Software. You’ll get a welcome windows and mHotspot Window. Click ‘close’ button on Welcome window, we don’t need it.

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Step 5: In mHotspot Window give a name to your Hotspot (which you’re going to create)

Step 6: Enter a 8 digit password for your wireless wlan hotspot.

Step 7: Click on the drop down menu for “Internet Source” option and Select your option. If you’re using a broadband connection then select “Ethernet”.Turn Windows Laptop Virtual Wifi Hotspot Techisher connection

Step 8: Choose the Maximum Number of clients/devices that can be connected to this virtual Wireless network.(Wifi)

Note: all the above procedure needs to be only once when you’re the software for the first time.

Step 9: When you’re finished with those options, Click on “Start Hotspot” and Connect your devices to this virtual wifi network using the password.Turn Windows Laptop Virtual Wifi Hotspot Techisher Start stop options

Step 10: When You’re finished with your work and you no longer need the wifi, you can stop it by using “Stop Hotspot” option.

Note: There will be a pop-up notification in the taskbar of your windows operating system, whenever a new device is connected to this network, and you can also see how much data is used/consumed by wifi connected devices.

Turn Windows Laptop Virtual Wifi Hotspot Techisher Notifications

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Why You Should Prefer mHotspot?

Please Note that, I DON’T get any commission if you download this software.

The Process explained above is same for all the 3 softwares mentioned. I suggested you, To download and use mHotspot because It’s the best stable software available out there without any time limits. Better than saying why you should choose it, I’ll tell you why you should not choose the other two.

Connectify is also a Better one to try but it has a 90-minute time limit after which the Wi-fi will be automatically Turned OFF & you have to start the Wireless hotspot manually on your laptop for every 90 minutes.

Virtual Router is a very old software though there’s a new version available, the new version won’t work properly. It’s not stable and had a lot of bugs. This won’t get frequent updates.

Please leave a comment and let me know if this article helped you or not.

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