How To Update Google Play Services / PlayStore App Manually to Latest Version on Android

If you’re Familiar with Android Settings, You Will Know that there is no Option available to Directly Update Google Play Services / Play store Manually. Updating Google services app is different from how we update other apps on our Android smartphones and Tablets. We can’t Find an App  for ‘Play Store’ and ‘Play Services Google’ in Google’s Play store. Unless we have the direct link. Whenever there is an update available the apps will automatically gets updated. Sometimes when we download or update other apps, The apps check for update. In other cases, when our device is connected to wi-fi, They checks automatically and gets updated but it takes time. However we do have an option to update the play services google app and also play store app manually.

how to update google play services / play store manually post pic
How to update google play services & Playstore App Manually

There’s a simple technique using which we can trigger the apps to get updated. Consider this as giving a push to the play services update or like we’re forcing it to check and update to the latest version.

How To Update Google Play Services / Play Store App Manually:

Step 1: Open Google Play store App On Your Android Phone and Goto “SETTINGS”.

Manually udpate google play store settings

Step 2: Scroll Down to Find the “Build Version” and Click on it.

Google play Services / Play store manual update build version
Google Play Services / Play Store Build Version Number

Step 3: If the Play Store is Already Up-to-date then it will show a small pop-up showing “Google Play Store is up to date ” as shown in the Picture below. Otherwise , The Update request will be queued internally. Sometimes the app gets updated instantly. In some cases it took a little bit long and updated later – gives us play services update.

Google play Service / Play store manual app updated Pop up
Pop Up – Saying Google Play Store / Google Play Services is Up to Date

It is highly recommended by google to have the latest version of Play Services Google offers installed on your smartphone. One of the main reason is google pushes the security updates to android devices once every few weeks through the google play service. One of the recent updates for play services brought the functionality of Google Assistant App to many android mobiles with Version 6.0 and above.

Similarly having an updated google play store app can offer us new features. Some of them are sorting the apps by ratings, new animations, improved algorithm updates, faster downloading.

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If you tried this method , please do leave a comment and let other users know what you think.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Nice article.. thanks for the info.. Looking for more good articles.. :)<br />

  2. says

    I feel feedback are excellent on weblogs, weblogs are published to be educational and it truly is superior for getting feedback back again that men and women are looking through your site and ideally finding a thing from it.

  3. Michelle says

    For some reason I am unable to open Google play store or Gmail app (built in)….when I check the Google play service in settings I notice the uninstall update and forced stop was not lit (like if you wanted to uninstall or force stop)…I don’t know what to do, I am unable to reinstall them…can you help?…thank you..

    • says

      H Michelle,
      These issues are all not uncommon. So don’t worry about that.
      – First of All, Just try to uninstall the update version and see if it’s working or not. (Settings > Apps > Playstore/Gmail)
      – If not, then Goto the App info (Settings> Apps> Playstore/Gmail > ) and click on Clear data. it will ask for confirmation, Click ok. Now see if it works or not.

      After each step, try to restart the phone. Sometimes restarting a phone works like magic.

      – The Last option, If it still doesn’t work then Try to reset the mobile. This time for 100% sure it will work. But Don’t forget to backup all your contacts, messages, Gallery before doing a reset.

      I Hope this helps. Please leave a reply for any further help. 🙂

  4. priya says

    its not updating and showing only ” A new version of Google play service will installed and stored

      • says

        Hi Krystal, The app will be updated in the background and you wont see any download status in the notification bar or anywhere else. Though i don’t know for sure how google will schedule it’s update (based on what priority) but it will be updated automatically.

        Since you have triggered the auto update, I Suggest you to wait for sometime and check back. If it got updated then it will show “Google play store is up to date”.

        Thanks for reaching out. Have a great day. 🙂