Youtube Keyboard Shortcuts, Tips, Tricks & Secrets (Updated 2015)

We all use YouTube a lot, for various reasons like entertainment, knowledge purpose.(including ‘that’ too). With the help of few tips,tricks and resources we can increase the productivity. Just by knowing a couple of Youtube keyboard shortcuts, Youtube Url tricks (to download, auto replay etc) and with some other tricks we can get more control over Youtube and do much more cool things.

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Youtube KeyBoard Shortcuts:

  • Left / Right Arrow ———– Jump back / ahead 5 seconds in the current Video
  • L  (or) Ctrl+Left Arrow ———– To Fast Forward Video 10 seconds in the current video
  • J  (or) Ctrl+Right Arrow ———– To Jump back 10 seconds in the current video
  • Up / Down arrow ———– To Increase / Decrease Audio
  • Number 0 ———– Seek to the beginning of the video
  • Numbers 1 to 9 ———– Seek to the 10% to 90% of the video
  • Home ———– Seek to the beginning
  • End ———– Last seconds of the video
  • Spacebar ———– To Play /  To Pause
  • K ———– To play/ To pause
  • M ———– To mute Audio

You Can Download/Save the Screenshot of all these Shortcuts from this below Pic.(Click on the image to download a bigger picture)

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Small Tip to Load the Youtube Videos Faster

Reduce the Resolution to a less value for the video to load faster if you have your internet speed is less or if you want to save your data. Reducing the resolution results in faster loading and also uses less Data ( Size of data that is to be buffered inorder to play).
From the seek bar click on the “Settings” gear. in that change the Quality as per your need.  I suggest you to try 480p.

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Fastest Way to Download Youtube Videos

Just Add “SS” without quotes between “www.” and “youtube” and click enter. you will be directly taken to download page.
For Example:

if the url of the video you want to download is
then after the change it looks like this

Make any Youtube video into a GIF

yes, and it’s very simple too. Just Add “gif” in the Url before “youtube” just as you did in the above two tricks.
For example:

if the url is
then After the change

Once you type that in, you’ll be taken to a simple gif making tool page that lets you cut out a section of the video and export it.

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Auto Replay Youtube Videos

It may be a catchy song or your favourite video or funny video, it’s annoying to hit “Replay” everytime the video ends, So here’s a small tip to automatically play video again and again.

Replace “youtube” in the  url with “infinitelooper”

 if the url of the video you want to download is
then after the change it looks like this

Refine Your Youtube search by Omitting certain keywords

Let’s say you want to view a video related to mobile reviews.
When you search for “Mobile Review” in youtube you get a lot of videos from Budge Tech Review.
but i don’t want to view Vids from Budge tech. So i will exclude the keyword from my search.

Here’s how it looks like
Mobile review -budgetechreview

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