How to Backup Subway Surfers Game Data / Progress & Restore it

How To Backup Subway Surfers Game Data / Restore Game Progress:  There’s No doubt that Subway surfers is one of the most popular and Loved game on both Android and IOS platforms. On Android alone, the game has over 1 billion downloads proving it to be the favorite game for android users and I’m sure there is no need to say any more about how popular the game is.

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Backup Subway Surfers Game Data / Restore Game Progress

No matter what we do, Sometimes there will always be moments that are unavoidable. Like Reinstalling the subway surfers game app, Replacing our mobile, Upgrading to New Android phone, Resetting our android mobile, Updating the Firmware/ Operating System Updates. During those situations, we might want to backup Our Apps Data especially Progress of Our Favorite Games. If you’re a subway surfers game lover and if you’ve ever re-installed the app then you definitely know the pain. The game won’t save any backup related to our game progress even though we linked it with our Facebook profiles. All it saves is our high score which is shared with our friends on facebook.

For someone who made some huge progress in subway surfers game like Multipliers at 30, Coins in Millions, Collection of Costumes, Hoverboards,  Having Full Upgrades to Power-ups, (Jetpack, super sneakers, coin magnet, 2x Multiplier ) and obviously having some high scores.  More than anyone, They are worried about losing all these stats.

Backup is nothing but copying and archiving the data files of the game which contains the user (Your) game progress like high scores, coins earned, accounts linked (Facebook), Multipliers, Hoverboards purchased and all. All your data related to subway surfers game will be saved along with the game APK. So literally, we will loose all the data, Scores, power-ups, coins, multipliers, hover boards. Everything, if we don’t backup.

Just like every other gamer, at first, I googled for it. But out of all the available methods and articles published over the internet, Nothing worked as they promised it to be. So I had to do my own trails. After days of searching in google, after reading so many articles (which found to be useless later) and with own trials, I found ( in a way I discovered) a perfectly working way to backup subway surfers game data. Not just backing up the game progress but also 100% working way to perfectly restore it.

Post Content of “How To Backup & Restore Subway Surfers Game Data” :

  1. Do We Need to Root our Android mobile?
  2. How to Backup Subway Surfers Game Progress
  3. How to Restore Subway Surfers Game Progress
  4. Conclusion

Do We Need To Root Our Android Mobile To Backup Subway Surfers Game data?

As mentioned earlier, I’ve tried many tutorials I found on the internet in various sites which sounded so promising. But none of them actually worked for me. In Some websites, They mention that we can backup the app data without rooting the mobile. Yes, it is true in some cases that we can backup the game data without rooting on some android mobiles which are using Android 4.4 or previous versions. But here is the catch. What they didn’t mention to the users/website visitors is that without rooting the android phone you can’t restore the backup of game data.

So if you just want to backup the game data but don’t want to restore it ever, then there is no need to root the mobile. But seriously, who will do that ? Backing up the game progress and never trying to restore it !… What is the use of having a backup then?

I’m Not Gonna lie with you like others. If you want to restore your game progress from the backup file, then you need to have a rooted android phone.

As far as I know (From my tests and experience) , in order to Successfully create a backup and restore subway surfers game progress. The Android Mobile must and Should be ROOTED. Without Rooting, It is 99% Impossible to Restore the Data. In fact any android game for that case, whether it’s subway surfers or temple run or candy crush or any other. Here’s the tutorial, a step by step guide, which I implemented many times on various android phones I used ( to be exact, total 4 android phones).

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Things We Need to be sure:

I Suggest you to install both the apps i’ve mentioned above, so that it will be very easy for you to perform the backup and also to perform a restore.

How to Backup Subway Surfers Game Data/Progress On Android:

3 things we will do here

  1. Giving the super user access to ES File Explorer.
  2. Changing the settings so that backup of game data will be done along with the backup of Android App Apk.
  3. We will backup the Game and Game Progress, which includes the backup of Subway surfers game data (as a Zip File)

So if you don’t have ES File explorer, Super User installed. Before starting the backup, I suggest you to please visit the play store and install the following apps.

Step by Step Procedure to Backup Subway Surfers Game Data

1. Give Root Permission for ES File Explorer using SuperSU app.

Backup Subway Surfers Game Data , Restore it

  • i. Open ES file explorer App.
  • ii. Click on the hamburger icon on the top-left-corner. As shown in the image.
  • iii. Select Tools tab
  • iv. Turn ON ‘Root Explorer’ option.
  • v. This will open the Super User (SuperSU) App (For some root user apps, the name might differ) and you will be asked for permission to “Grant” access for the app to Root.

2. Goto ‘Settings’ in ES File Explorer.

Backup Subway Surfers Game Data , Restore it

3. In the settings Page, Scroll down to “Tools Settings” Category and tap on “APP” option.

4. Under Root Enhancement Section, Select the check box next to “Backup Data” option.

5. Now go back to ES File Explorer Homepage and click on the “APPS” Section.

6. Tap and hold to Select “Subway Surfers” App and then Click on “BACKUP” option from the toolbar. (Backup will take some time depending on your mobile performance)

Backup Subway Surfers Game Data , Restore it

7. In the file explorer, Along with ‘Apk’ file there’s another Zip file created with the Same name.

The Backup Zip file contains all the data of your Subway surfer game progress including your upgrades, Game Scores, Highest Scores, Coins, Powerup upgrades, Multiplier. The zip file consists of all your stats for subway Surfers & the saved files.

Now that we have successfully created the backup of Subway surfers game data. Keep a copy of this backup (Zip) file in your External Memory Card for future use.

Restore Subway Surfers Game Progress/ Score In Android:

If you want to restore the subway surfers game from the above-created backup file (Zip file), then as mentioned earlier, you need a rooted android phone with ES File explorer installed & granted root permissions. I suggest you go through Step 1 to step 5 mentioned in the above backup process to perform the restore successfully by granting ‘Root Access’ to ES file explorer.

During the restoration, we will do 5 things.

  1. Uninstall subway surfers game if already installed. ( to clear the older files)
  2. Installing subway surfers game.
  3. Navigating to the backup restoration location in ES file explorer.
  4. Restoring the backup data of subway surfers game to its correct data location.
  5. Reboot the mobile (optional).

Step by Step procedure to Restore Subway Surfers Game Backup Data

1. Install Subway Surfers Game Using the APK you created earlier or from the Play store.

2. From the File Manager Using ES File Explorer, Tap and hold to Select the Zip File ( the tool barBackup file which we Created Earlier) and click on the “MORE” option from the toolbar.

Backup Subway Surfers Game Data , Restore it

3. Tap on “Extract to” option and choose the folder “data” and again “data” folder in that and then click “OK”. This will extract the subway surfers backup data/ zip file to that location with some different name “com.kiloo.subwaysurf”.

Backup Subway Surfers Game Data , Restore it

4. Just reboot your Mobile once (Optional)

5. Now Just Run the Game And you will see all your scores , upgrades and stats restored.


If you’re here, that means you read this long article on “How to Backup Subway Surfers Game Data’ patiently. A big thanks for your patience. Using the above mentioned methods , you can create a complete backup of subway surfers game progress along with the game apk and also successfully restore it on any rooted android phone. You can also use these methods to transfer your game progress from one android mobile to another NEW android mobile. Make sure your smartphone is rooted. I Hope you found this article useful.

If you have any doubts regarding this article or in that case any other doubts regarding backup and restore of any game please do leave a comment.


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  1. says

    I have to admit it but this article is kinda big. But very useful. Just like you I tried reading many articles of the Internet but none of them actually working for me too. Honestly I open is article also thinking the same that there will be nothing useful actually. But after reading this article I felt like this is kind of promising so I tried as I already have rooted phone and it worked. Thanks to u. From here onwards I don’t have to play the Subway Surfers game every time formatted my phone or uninstall the app.

    • says

      Thank you Steve. I’m happy you found my article useful. Keep visiting for more ..
      (You can also request for articles with good demand and Use.. from our contact form)

  2. says

    I’m Unable to extract the zip folder to the location you mentioned in step 3 of restoring game data procedure. please help.

    • says

      Hi Gokul, if you’re following the exact and still facing the issue then probably you might have to give the root permissions to ES file explorer. From the side bar of ES file explorer, Turn On “ROOT EXPLORER” and it will prompt a window of Super User asking for root access. Click on Grant Access. and then try again.

      Continue reply in this thread if you still have any doubts

    • says

      Hello Liisa,

      Can you be more specific with your question. If you’re intention is to ask “how to transfer subway surfers game progress (from one android to another android device)?” then that is what this article is all about. Please go through the article once again. and if you still have any question, Feel free to leave a comment. 🙂

    • says

      Hello Ginny,

      There is no need to reset your mobile to restore the subway surfers game data. But there is one thing you need to make sure is that ” The android mobile is rooted”. Unless it’s a rooted mobile, you can’t restore the data because it needs root access to paste the data files in to that locations.

  3. says

    Great post. Thanks.
    I have a question. How long should i retain this back data? is it for one time use? can i use it restore data for multiple times?

    Thanks in advance.

    • says

      Hello Srikanth,
      i’m happy that you like my post. Right now i was just doing something on my site and saw your comment. Felt happy for real.

      Coming to your question:
      1. You can retain this backup file as long as you want.
      2. This is not for just one time use or one device use. You can use this data to restore any number of times and on any number of android devices.

      But keep in mind, always the latest backup will have your latest data.

      Just for example, If you restore it today , played the game for another 10 days and then again restored the game data using that old backup file , then you will loose these 10 days progress.

      I suggest you to take a backup whenever you feel necessary.

      Thanks again.
      Good night.:)

  4. says

    This is a great post. Very very useful. My sister and me are looking for this kinda option since a very long long time. Thank you man. Your site rocks.

  5. Victor says

    Hey,I’m victor from Kenya, I tried going to the hamburger I con… Tools ..then when I tried to turn on root explorer, it said it’s not supported on my device.. I’m using the lenovo A6000. Is there any other way I can do this?

    • says

      Hi victor,

      First of all, I apologize for my super-late reply.

      Seems like you are using a non-rooted device. There are still ways through which you can get a back up. but you can’t really restore your backup on a non rooted device. If you really think of backing up and restoring your game, Then you need to root your device first.

      Thanks for reaching out. have a great day.

  6. KiiroEevee says

    im gonna reinstall just because with the updates its getting big , so if I backup reinstall from play store and restore it ; did it will have the same size or less? how much?