How to Disable Facebook In-App Browser in Android (updated)

A Couple of months back facebook released started rolling out the beta version of it’s in app (in built) browser in facebook app for ios and android. Now that the final version of this built in browser in facebook app is available in the latest versions of facebook application. Though this helps in increasing the productivity and saving time there are some cons too. Lets take a look at the pros and cons of this feature.

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Pros and Cons of Facebook In app browser:

Pros of Facebook In App Browsr:

The In App browser Keeps us inside facebook, helps in not getting distracted.

The in built browser in facebook app is faster when compared with external browsers like chrome , opera or mozilla firefox. As the external browsers takes time to take over your screen and time to load. It’s one of the major downside when using external browsers. Not only in Facebook, the same problem occurs in twitter mobile app too. One way to solve this problem is to load links in the background on which i’ll write my next post and share the link in here.

Cons of Facebook In App Browser:

Though Facebook in App browser saves time while opening a link for which external browsers take time to open and load the link. But when compared on the other elements like javascript performance, page load time, rendering 3d graphics and scrolling Undoubtedly chrome nailed it again as best browser. Thanks to the benchmark test run by Tina Sieber from Makeuseof. The performance stats of Facebook in app browser when compared with external browsers like chrome is a bit poor.

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Image from Makeuseof

Lack of Sharing Options in Facebook App: While this feature allows us to share the links in facebook, save it for further use, send the link in messenger to friends, and to open the link with external browsers, it lacks the options to share in other social networks or via email.

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How To Disable Facebook In – App Browser:

Disable Facebook In app browser techisher Settings

  • Open Facebook App on your Android Smart phone or Tablet.
  • Tap on “App Settings” option Under ‘Help & Settings’ Category in the Facebook Menu.
  • Enable “Always open Links with external browser” option.

From the next time onwards the links will be opened in your preferred external browser. If i missed anything please do mention in the comments. There’s no Option available to disable the Facebook In-App browser in IOS just yet.

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