How to Make Facebook Profile Picture Unclickable/Private

Make Facebook Profile Picture Unclickable / Private: FB has become a part in the life of everyone who uses the internet. There’s no doubt it’s one of the best platforms to stay connected with Friends and Family, to share your Feelings, Moments, Pics. But never to forget Facebook is the place where privacy has been a concern over years. The details you share including Your pics, sharing the location & Every personal detail you share on the internet can affect your privacy in a potentially bad way. In this case, it’s about your profile picture. During the past couple of years, we have seen a tremendous growth in fake profiles using the profile pictures of other persons. So here we discuss a way to protect your FB profile picture from getting into the hands of wrong people.

In this tutorial, I’ll explain you to make facebook profile picture private and unclickable.

Make Facebook profile picture unclickable/private
Make Facebook profile picture unclickable/private

What is Unclickable Profile Picture:

Usually, For Profile pictures, we see only the cropped section set by the user to display as Profile picture. For some FB profiles pictures, when we click on it,  The source image will be opened in the facebook image viewer in full view. We will also have the options to download, tag, or share that picture. The source image is the original image uploaded by the owner of the profile. If you can see someone’s profile picture like that, then it means the person kept the privacy to Public or Friends. This kind of pictures is called Clickable Profile Pictures.

But it’s different in the case of Unlickable profile picture / Privacy protected profile picture. For those who made their Profile Picture Unclickable/Private,  Picture will not be opened in view mode. Other FB users will only be able to see the cropped image set by the user (Thumbnail sized profile pic). No one else will be able to view the original picture or tag it or send it. Neither they can download it, nor they can share it. This means the profile picture is protected by the best options available on Facebook.

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How To Make Facebook Profile Picture Unclickable:

  • Login to Your FB Account and Go to your Profile Page.
  • Click on Your Profile Picture. It will be opened in the FB image viewer giving you the options to Tag, Download, Share and some other options.
Make Facebook profile picture unclickable/private - Options
Procedure to Make Facebook profile picture unclickable/private
  • Click On Edit. Change the default setting from “Public” to “Only ME”. Then Click on “Done Editing” to save the changes.
Make Facebook profile picture unclickable/private
Make Facebook profile picture unclickable/private – Set it to “ONLY ME.”

Now that Your Facebook profile Picture is Unclickable & Private which means mostly safe. Though we can’t avoid some things like “screenshots”. To prevent such things, you need to hide your profile completely and only who has the link can get to your profile.  But for now, No one can View the Original/Source Image, or the full view of the picture except you.

If you want only your Friends to be able to see your original image, You can choose the option “Friends” mentioned in step 3 instead of “Only ME”.

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