Use IDM after 30 days trial period in windows 7/8/10 – 2017 Latest keys

Use IDM after 30 days trial :  IDM (Internet Download Manager 2017) is the Best Download manager available for windows platform to download Music, Videos, Images, Movies, Softwares, Zip files, almost all downloadable content from the internet. Keeping apart the fact that it’s Trail Version Supports ends in 30 days, IDM is the most stable Download manager tool/software to effeciently use all the available download speed. Unlike other download managers, IDM has the capability to pause, resume and schedule downloads. It also has the comprehensive error recovery feature and resume capability to restart the broken, interrupted downloads without any hassle. IDM has a very simple interface,User friendly and Easy to Use. One of the must have tools installed on your PC this year 2017.

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Use IDM after 30 days trial for free Post PIC
Use IDM after 30 days Trial

IDM Compatibilty?

IDM is compatible with all major web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer. It’s also compatible with all the Windows Operating Systems starting from XP, Vista to Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and on Windows 10.

How Much IDM Really Costs?

IDM is not a free. Full-featured Version Internet download manager costs around 30$ which is a lot more for people like us. A 30 day trail version is also available to download from IDM official website.

How To Use IDM After 30 Day Trial:

No matter how powerful a software is, There will always be a way to crack things up. For IDM after a lot of trials, tests i came to know this trick which worked fine.I thought to share in my blog because i’m sure there are a lot of people out there hopefully millions searching for a solution to use IDM after the expiry of trial period. Using this trick we can use the 30 day IDM trial version Software for free without need of registration. A little bonus we can use it for lifetime and works for all version of IDM. Isn’t it cool..!!

First Things First:

If you Don’t Have IDM Setup With you, Download IDM 2017 Latest Version 30 day trial. By the time i’m writing (updating in 2017) this post IDM Version 6.28 Build 9 is available for download. Download the latest IDM Version

If you already have installed IDM on Your Windows 7/8/10 Laptop or PC, Please Uninstall it. Go to the App data folder and delete any folders that you see related to IDM (or with the name of Internet Download Manager). Once it’s done, then Restart Your Computer. (In this tutorial, we have to restart our system a total of 3 times,don’t Skip the Restart part, It’s Very Important. If you don’t restart when needed you can’t get full version).

Tutorial To Use IDM after 30 day trial:

Step 1:
Press “Windows Key”+”R”.(this will open ‘RUN’).
Type “regedit” without using quotes and press Enter.

Use IDM after 30 day trail for free  Run Command

Step 2:
Now to Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Download Manager.
Now Delete the Complete “Download Manager” folder.

Use IDM after 30 day trail for free registry editor

Step 3:
Now Open “Notepad” on Your Computer as Administrator.

Use IDM after 30 day trail for free  notepad as administrator

Step 4:
In Notepad’s Menu. Click on File > Open. or Simply Press Ctrl+O
A new Window will be opened for you to Browse.

Goto  My Computer > Local Disk C > Windows > System32 > Drivers > etc.

change the option to “All Files” and you’ll see a file named “hosts”. (only “Hosts” , Not Hosts.ics)

Use IDM after 30 day trail for free open hosts file


Step 5: Open “Hosts” file in Notepad. Simply Scroll down to the end of the document, Copy the Text mentioned below and Simply Paste it in the hosts document. localhost

Use IDM after 30 day trail for free edit hosts file


Step 6 : Save the File and restart your computer.

Step 7 : Now Install IDM and when prompted, enter the below details:

First Name – thwatikz
Last Name – youtube
Email – tbn
Serial Number – OP3BQ-I5EAR-UN52H-VR7QX

I’ve Received some replies saying this serial number is not working. One Probable reason is it’s been used by thousands of people, So here i’m posting some more latest keys Updated as of 2017, please pick one from them.

My suggestion : Pick one key from the middle from the below list


Step 8 : Now again restart your computer and You Got the full version of IDM for Life Time Use for FREE.

  • Note: If You don’t restart your computer, it will show you trial version only.
  • Note: Even After restart during it’s first start (only the first time) IDM may say trial version, but full version will be automatically activated in a couple of seconds.

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  1. Udham Singh says

    I use these steps but it could not be changed. It shows the message ‘ Internet Download Manager has been registered with a fake serial number or the serial number has been blocked. IDM is existing…’

  2. solehin says

    the system said that the idm key is faked or blocked.. so my idm still cant be used(even after i did the 3 restart step) .. looking for help, thank you

  3. sendardou says

    it says idm is registered with a fake serial maybe because you have an internet connection On. Turn Off it first before you try entering the code. That will solve the problem. It works on me after doing it so hope it helps too =)

  4. sendardou says

    By the way if restarting your computer will return idm to saying it has fake serial. just redo things. Enter code offline, OK, then done. Turn on your internet and you can reuse it again. =)

    • says

      Hi naeem.
      Yes you can update it. But in case after the update if it didn’t work or if it goes to trial version again.. U need to repeat the whole process and also have to use the crack with the latest version.

  5. Majoe says

    This is so cool! Of all sites that i’ve tried this is the only one that it worked! Thanks a lot!! :))))))

  6. Nithin says

    I tried almost all the serial numbers..
    but it keeps on saying IDM has been registered with a fake serial number or the serial number has been blocked.
    What can I do?
    Pls reply…..

  7. valtea says

    i delete the download manager folder from regedit before uninstall idm and says corrupted even after i installed idm again…what should i do?

  8. Anomly says

    Switch off ur wifi or lan. Then do those steps. It worked on me. With the very same serial keys he posted. From that example. Thanks alot man

  9. Muhammad Shafi-Ul-Azam says

    I have done above process but still it shows the message the idm serial number is fake. It also tells to active a licensed copy. Before some while a message shows to update idm. I deny that In such case what should to do? Thanks a lot. I am waiting for the answer.

  10. varniit says

  11. Shrikant says

    Hi, Firstly thanks.. there is one query, IDM work only with Internet explorer not with Google chrome any solution? Can we add with chrome?

    • says

      Hi Shrikant,
      Usually IDM will prompt you to add extension of IDM to your chrome browser. I think you skipped it somehow. That’s no problem. You can search in Chrome Webstore for IDM extension and Add it.

      Have a great day. 🙂

  12. Ryan says

    The serials numbers are all not available, it says that its fake and if i do it offline, something sort of crash happens to the IDM and it automatically shut down, and when i open IDM for the second time it worked just find, but i find a problem which is whenever i restart my computer or PC, i will have to reenter the registration code again, any suggestion or possible ways to get rid of this?

    • says

      Hi Ryan,

      I suggest you to please re-try the procedure. Please disconnect your computer from the internet before starting the procedure. It will work. I’m using IDM from months using the same procedure.

      Have a good day. 🙂

  13. rick khanra says

    after restarting the pc it shows registered with fake account and it closes automatically…….

  14. Anane says

    Wow!! It worked for me. I was not successful on the first trial. But I disconnected from internet and meticulously followed the steps. And finally, Eureka! I have it worked without any warning notice. Thanks

  15. kumar says

    it will work.but how the idm software recognize to give the full version of idm.explain detailly.i have another doubt there are so many keygens,and patches,cracks of idm .if i register with any one of (keygens,and patches,cracks)how it will affect the system.give the details to me brother

  16. says

    Thanks for the tip, but i tried every step and when i tried the registration they said and important file has been damaged and i clicked repair. It later said the key has been used by a counter fit. Pls help.

  17. navdeepsingh says

    hey dude thanks for that tip, but after registeration it shows a message that idm is registered with a fake serial number how can stop it

    • says

      Hi Navdeep,

      When we did this for the first time, we will see that notification. But after restarting the system it won’t appear again. I’ve been using IDM the same way from months.

      I Hope this helps. Have a great day.

  18. Rudraksh says

    I followed all the steps but i am stuck on this….
    It doesn,t prompt for downloading IDM….what should i do?


  19. Rudraksh says

    I followed all the steps but i am stuck on this….
    It doesn,t prompt for downloading IDM….what should i do?


  20. Rudraksh says

    I followed all the steps but i am stuck on this….
    It doesn,t prompt for downloading IDM….what should i do?



    I gone through your article about idm full. Very useful and nice. I am using win 7 home premium. Through Registry editor and Revo uninstaller, tried to remove idm but some traces will be there. could not remove. which free software will remove idm fully to reinstall again ? Before entering licence code etc., I have d/c internet and norton antivirus,firewall etc. idm is working. After shutdown or restart idm will work for only two days. why? Again I have tried, idm working. next day the same ‘exiting’ trial period over. Any suggestion to make idm full without any problem. Awaiting yr. remedial suggestion on this to make use of IDM always.

    • says

      Hi Viswanath,

      I suggest you, To check out the APPDATA folder once after you uninstalled the IDM. and also do restart the PC/laptop whenever it prompted. Try to remove the temporary files too before reinstalling the IDM.

      and While installing the software disconnect your wifi/internet and install and don’t forget to change the settings in the Hosts file. This prevents the software from connecting to the internet for updates and from validating the keys we used.

      Even I used to face the same issue, “Exiting” trial period over. But it will work if we follow the procedure I mentioned here

      Thanks for reaching me. Hope this helps you.

      Have a great day Viswanath.

  22. JBry says

    Whooaa! Thanks a lot man. Other blogs didn’t work on my pc, but yours did, I really appreciate your work. Thanks ! 🙂

  23. Aman sharma says

    Hello, i tried all your steps in sequence they are mentioned, but still my Serial number problem is not resolved. Moreover as soon as the IDM was installed again, it showed “your 30 days trial period is over”. So is it natural, or its because some of the previous files were not deleted. Plz help me out,i have tried every possible way…..

    • says

      Hello Aman,

      it’s normal to see that notification saying 30 day trial period over. We need to make sure that we cleared all the old files and app data in order to make this work.

      Thanks for your comment i’ll try to make a video soon and i’ll update it in the post.