View / Access Accidentally Dismissed, Old Notifications in Android

Notifications in Android Let us know New incoming messages, Alarms, Calender events, and on going events like Downloads. Whenever you get a notification it appears in the Notification shade ( AKA status bar). It is not uncommon that sometimes we accidentally tap on the “dismiss” icon to clear all the notifications, soon we realise or while clearing it we might get a glimpse of an important notification we haven’t read and then we start wondering from which app that notification is from?

View dismissed notifications in android using settings - techisher

There’s a way we can access the accidentally dismissed notifications on your android phone. Some times we may want to view the notification history and this method works for that too.

Note: This method Works Only For Android Users with Jelly Bean, Kitkat or Lollipop.

How To Access Accidentally Dismissed Notifications in Android:

process to access dismissed notifications in android

  • Go to your android Homescreen and tap on the “All Apps” icon in the tray.
  • Switch to Widgets tab in the top , Find “settings shortcut” ( a gear icon), Tap and hold it to place it in the homescreen.
  • Now from the options scroll down and select “Notifications”.

Access Dismissed notifications history using settings shortcut

Now Tap on the icon you placed on the homescreen whenever you want to access the old / dismissed notifications from your notification history. From the Notification history you can directly jump to App info for an app.

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    • says

      As far as i know, there will be a widget “SETTINGS Shortcut”. Tap on that to Place it on the Homescreen and you will be prompted to select the shorcut. So, Select “Notifications Log” in that.
      Hope this Helps.

      • Arend says

        Thank you for replying (and ribbing = running). There really is no such widget. I tried two play store settings widget solutions, but neither of them had the notifications option.

        Fortunately i did find a solution. There’s an app called Notification History [4.3+] by Tiger-Workshop. It doesn’t require a lot of questionable permissions like comparable apps. Just install it and open the app and you instantly see your notification history even from before you installed the app 🙂